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Local Law 87 Energy Audits

Local Law 87

Local Law 87

Local Law 87 applies to all New York City buildings over 50,000 SF. Owners are required to ensure the following as part of the law:

  1. A professional energy audit be performed on the building's base systems
  2. Certain qualifying capital improvements be made to the base systems based upon the findings of the audit
  3. An audit and retro-commissioning report be submitted to the City of New York

Local Law 87 is both a useful and onerous requirement for NYC owners and managers. The audit and retro-commissioning process identify and address energy savings measures which can significantly reduce a building's operating expenses. However, the costs of compliance with the law are significant to building owners. The law requires specific certifications for those hired to do the auditing and retro-commissioning work, thereby limiting the market of companies and people who can provide the service.

Redocs and its people are certified to conduct the Local Law 87 process. We have developed and continue to develop ways to perform the service accurately, reliably, and inexpensively.

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