Get Free Energy Star Certification

For your Office

No cost for a service that would normally cost thousands.  Funds from New York State are limited.  We will be in your your area April 1 through May 15th. 


What's Provided as Part of This Service?

Energy Star Application

We analyze and inventory everything in your office that uses energy(Lighting, HVAC, etc)  We then prepare and certiffy the required Energy Star report and application.

Comprehensive Energy Audit

In addition to the Energy Star component, you get a full energy audit report with analysis and recommendations.  You can even use it as the basis for lease renewal negotiations.

Utility Bill Analysis

How does your electricity and gas usage stack up against similar offices?  Are there any billing errors with recoverable charges?  We answer these questions for you as part of our assessment.

No Cost, No Upsells

These energy assessments are funded through the NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) Commercial Tenant Program.  Redocs is a registered partner of the program.  

As with most programs, there are limited funds available so it's important for commercial office tenants to avail themselves of this opportunity as soon as possible.  


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